Big Step Up from Totem Hawks? 10k Speakers?

I'm looking to upgrade my Totem Hawks in a big way. Honestly,I have been extremely impressed with them. As I've moved up in electronics, the Hawks have kept up. But now, it's pretty clear they are the weak link in my system. My budget is a max of $12k, (it went up after I heard the MBL 126 at a show, they go for $12k) I generally like the small floorstander type, but I'm open to opinions. The room is 18'x15'. What will match up well with my class d Nuforce monoblocks with Modwright tube pre? (a fabulous combo, muscular yet musical) System: Clearaudio tt,Modwright LS100, Nuforce V3 SE,all Synergistic Research cabling and conditioning. Thanks for your time and opinions!
I would suggest having a look/listen to the Joseph Audio Perspectives.

Dealer Disclaimer.
The Daedalus Athena should certainly be considered, IMO. See this thread for a good discussion of the Athena vs. some competitive models.

Daedalus speakers achieve a very natural harmonic balance, that is easy to listen to but at the same time is "fast" and detailed. They also provide exceptional versatility with respect to amplifier selection, combining high efficiency with high power handling capability and very easy to drive impedance characteristics. As well as uniquely beautiful real-wood construction.

I would also suggest that you research past threads and reviews on other Daedalus models, such as the Ulysses and the DA-RMa, which are generally similar in their sonic character. Those models have been around a few years longer than the Athena, and so you'll find more commentary on them. The main differences are the deeper bass extension of the larger and more expensive Ulysses model, and the inclusion of an upgraded "all-poly" crossover in the Athena, which has become standard on the Ulysses and optional on the DA-RMa but was first made available in 2010.

Re your Modwright preamp, a point of interest is that the Daedalus Ulysses is apparently Dan Wright's reference speaker.

-- Al
I dunno, the Gallo 5-LS's would probably give himn eveything he is looking for, and their transient speed/attack is un-paralleled. Can be found virtually brand-new for $8-9k, retail is around $15k IIRC...Keep an eye here on A'gon, they show up from time to time for great prices...

Sorry, forgot to post a linky:

Acoustic zen crescendos used!
Or a deal for new ones.
Price tag new $16000
Thanks for the responses. Despite the fact that they are hard to track down, the Joseph Perspectives were on my shortlist, which includes: MBL 126, Rockport Mira, Audio Physic, Nola, Usher, Wilson Benesch. Any feelings about others I've considered?
I've heard good things about the MBL's, and the Nola's are usually very nice.

The Joseph's work quite well with d class amps (they usually show with Bel Canto).

If you need help locating a Joseph dealer, shoot me a message and I can get you in touch with Joseph's sales manager.

Goldprint Audio
I agree with goldprintaudio the Joseph perspectives are very good . Also let me say I have always liked totem speakers but I know their limits. I would also suggest a less exspensive but great sound for the$ Kef r900 I own a pair and found them second to Josephs in my search of many some over 10 k . The kefs list at 5k
Guys he said Big Step Up
Check into a pair of preowned Vandersteen 5As
Also a vandy dealer over 20 years
I thought I saw a pair of MBL 101e's here on audiogon a week or two ago for $17,000. No longer here, but maybe you could find another pair for a similar price, and stretch your budget a bit. I heard these at the rmaf this year and thought they sounded awesome!
Hi Ptm, I've came from a similar place. My room is a similar size to yours and I ran Totem Forest which I really enjoyed. With two youngsters not to mention their friends the Totem's were an accident waiting to happen given their light weight.

Some budget became available and I went for Kharma (see system pgs). I was staggered at the difference, greater transparency, more lifelike tonality and most importantly sounds/instruments take on greater weight making them sound more real and obvious in their placement within a wide, deep soundstage (assuming that info is on the disc).

As my system has evolved the speakers have revealed more and more, care taken with cables, support and most importantly placement have got me to a place where I'm very satisfied. I'm as happy playing music these days as I was searching for the next upgrade in the past.

Having had some experience with the components you run I'd expect the Kharma's would work and if at all possible they'd be worth an audition.

Truth of it is if you take the care to find a speaker in this range that synergises with the rest of your system you should come out the end very happy indeed.

Very best of luck with your search.
The Magico S1 is expected out pretty soon. Projected retail is $12.6K. I intend to audition it when it comes out. If you have the space, I would definitely suggest the Rockport Miras. They go for $8-9K used and they are fantastic speakers. Only thing is, they are pretty big compared to the Hawk, although not big on an absolute scale. The Magico looks pretty slim, so it would probably fit in the same space as the Hawk. While I'm here - have you listened to the Forest? Damn good speakers if you have the power and the room for them. Same with the Mani 2's - But you really need some juice for them.
I second Daedalus Athena, true works of audio art, but if you want to save half the $, the Selah Audio Tempesta Extreme is very close overall, albeit a bit different tonally. Both would work well with your room size and electronics.
PSB Synchrony One or Ariel 7t or Sonus Faber Amati would be an upgrade for less than 12k and compete with much more expensive speakers.
Vapor Audio Joule would be a great choice, one of the best at RMAF this year and offers the best quality of components and construction of anything in that price range. I also like the used Acoustic Zen Crescendo suggestion, those have been enjoyable everytime I've heard them.
I wish there was a place where I could hear all these great suggestions. Even though I'm in a major metropolitan area, most of these speakers are hard to track down for a listen. Since I have totem, and like them, anyone heard the new totem element series? What makes a speaker match well with class d amps? I appreciate the feedback, please keep the suggestions coming.
While there are clearly better speakers than the Totem Hawks finding one that can just be dropped into your current system may not be an easy task. One of the knocks against class D amps is that they can be finicky about speaker matching. The only way to really find out what excels, as opposed to what just works, is trail and error.

Looking at your system page I think you would get a more bang for the buck by upgrading your source components.
Not sure I agree entirely with Onhwy61.

Sure, there'd be improvement with top of the line electronics but the Hawk's in that context would seriously limit the potential of the electronics (good though the speakers are).

As a final system perhaps less money allocated to speakers and some to electronics may see a better overall synergy. Ptm, I suppose the decision really comes down to whether you're looking for an end of line system or is the system a work in progress.

For me the step up to Kharma from the Totem's was a revelation. They sounded great from the off and as my system has developed they've been fully able to resolve the changes upstream.

I've heard Element floorstanders, they were driven by Moon electronics and sounded pretty good. I'd doubt they have the same potential as Verity Parsifal, Magico V3 or my Kharma's for that matter. All of which are available secondhand within the budget mentioned.

My system has been pretty settled for over a year now, unheard of for me. What the previous years taught me was get the speaker/room synergy right, then an amp to suit the speakers and you'll get enjoyable sounds pretty much whatever the source. A better source of course ices that cake very nicely.

As to class D? An earlier Bel Canto has a very different sonic signature to later models, each will suit different speakers, I know advocates for both (who don't agree!). They're no different to any other amps, one manufacturers amp can only be judged in the context of that amp. No different to the endless number of class A, tube or whatever amps from what I can see.
Do you have to base your choice on price? I have spent a bunch of money, which I will never get back when I finally sell my bunch of previous speakers, on various types of speakers. All very nice in their own right. I finally became very satisfied with my recent purchase of used Zu Audio Essence, and I only paid $2400, current drivers and custom color, on Audiogon. But, I know from experience that spending a ton of money may not get you where you want to go. I used to base my lust on $$$, but I had to learn what I like the old fashioned way.
Thanks, for the responses. I'm still searching, never heard the Joseph Perspectives, but I am intrigued. Any other suggestions?
look up Vivid audio. heard great things about them.
I went from Totem Hawks, which I agree are great value for money to the Raidho Acoustics C1 speakers. 2nd hand the Raidho C1 is less than $10k. It was a very big step up both in terms of resolution and bass definition.