Big source improvement using CD player

I borrowed a friend's esoteric dv50s CD player.  I could not believe the difference between it and streaming Spotify premium.  I am now in the market for a CD player.  One thing, the esoteric does not play DVD-R.  Can anyone recommend a comparable CD player in the used market that does? I'm looking in the $800 - $1500 range.  
I have done comparisons between Esoteric DV-60 CD player, and Tidal, playing through Audirvana. As good as the Esoteric is,it comes up short. In fact,I am thinking about selling .
Spotify 320kbps can sound absolutely fantastic. The app is really user friendly so easy to explore new music and create and enjoy playlists.

 I get a very small delta streaming SOME  higher rez content  from qobuz but that delta maxed out at 24bit 96khz on my system.

What made a much much greater improvement than going up resolution to my streaming setup was getting an Etherregen to replace a cisco network switch. $660 improved the system from top to bottom, better bass, more detail, improved tone, leading edges and decay. My system imaged well before but the addition of the switch put the depth into my soundstage. I had already chased the noise floor lower with power conditioning and isolation tweaks. These were available on 30 day trial although covid has delayed the production due to availability of parts.

I think CDs can sound amazing but I only own a few dozen. Having millions of albums at your fingertips is a no brainer for me for the price of an LP a month.

I also get excellent SQ from YouTube and that's even lower quality but again what an incredible library of musical material at my fingertips and the visuals are added fun. 

Wait a minute, you have a very capable DAC in that NAD so why don’t you just rip cd’s and play them off a network drive?

Don’t burn CD’s they tax the "error correction" way to much, just look at the differences that a laser has try to read.
Left original stamped retail cd
Middle burnt gold blank cd
Right burnt aluminium blank cd

No wonder the burnt cd’s always sound brighter to many, there’s many more errors being fixed, and that’s just a 50% chance to get a 1 or a 0 correct, because an error is replaced by what was read before, and that’s a 50% chance to get it right. This is why many CD players won’t even play burnt cd’s as they can’t even read the TOC (table of contents)

Cheers George
The new Rotel flagship CD player is very,nice!

 Look at her.Cheers.

 I enjoy my cd and TT quite a lot!

only time I use my iPod is in my car or for background low volume listening.
learned my lesson. Even with the lossless stuff, the CD player always sounds better.

Another +vote for a CD/SACD player bettering streaming. Enjoy the Music.

Happy Listening!