Big source improvement using CD player

I borrowed a friend's esoteric dv50s CD player.  I could not believe the difference between it and streaming Spotify premium.  I am now in the market for a CD player.  One thing, the esoteric does not play DVD-R.  Can anyone recommend a comparable CD player in the used market that does? I'm looking in the $800 - $1500 range.  
CD player.  I could not believe the difference between it and streaming Spotify premium.

You'll never look at streaming or downloads again, get your cherished dac fed the digital stream by this Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport.
To me sounded THE BEST BANG FOR BUCK there is.
In Australia you can get them for $490aud new = $333usd.

Cheers George
The Oppo udp205 does not stream to my knowledge.

The Bluesound vault is an excellent budget unit that served me well for a couple of years, ripped all my cd collection into it and backed up to an external 2tb hdd. Let’s face it they are like $65 on eBay so cheap insurance.
And the vault will rip to flac or wav format, your choice.
I use Roon now but that is another story entirely.

btw the dv50s is a fantastic player, I own one. If you get the chance try a dvd-a on it. A Steven Wilson remastered King Crimson disc for example.
You will not want to give the dv50s back.......
I have been tweaking CDs for years and (if well recorded) CDs can sound awfully good. Recently starting to embrace the whole 'streaming thing' and I have to admit it has opened a whole new world of music and video. One thing I have discovered early on is the difference between streaming services. I started with Pandora and then compared it to Tidal HiFi. For an extra $10 a month it certainly seems worth it to me.  

I know there are a lot of Music Servers out there, but I have yet to see the real advantage of having one. Yes, you could get all of your music (and video) in one place, but with the ability to access virtually everything from 'the cloud', what really is the point?
The Oppo 105 streams Tidal. Not the 205
All I know is Tidal demolishes my low-end-of-high-end CD apparatus. Same DAC, same preamp. My question would be, what would it cost you to improve on Tidal/Qobuz sound? Or if the question is functionality, are you running router with Ethernet cable direct to music player, no dongle? Because dongling off remote router gives you glitches. (Not the only cause, but certainly one of them. The better players are designed to accept ONLY Ethernet direct and I gather this is why).