big sound at a down to earth price?


I visited my local high-end store and end up listening to the large Snells. I walked away impressed with the very BIG sound they threw. While, I could never afford to buy the Snells, I wonder what other speakers out there that can produce a big sound at a real world price (used under 1.5K)? I do have a big room to accomadate larger speakers.


VMPS Towers, I would say.Not easy to find.
If it is big sound you want, then I would suggest focusing first on the right amplifier before the speakers.

With the right amp, you can drive many a speaker to that deliver that 'big' sound. Especially if you include an appropriate musical yet somewhat inexpensive subwoofer.

But even if you bought the big Snells yet did not have the right amplifier, even the Snells will not deliver that 'big' sound like it should be delivered.

The Vandersteen 3A's should be on your audition list. You can get them for around $1500-1800 on the used market, and they project a large, very coherent sound stage.
The older Snell D's and C's were great loudspeakers. Beautifully made with nice wood finishes.
I have a pair of VMPS super tower-R speakers I bought about five years ago. Very big sound and very nice all around speakers. They will keep up with the snell type A's which you will find used every now and then. They are very big and kind of ugly. They have 0 wife factor but man do they sound BIG. I used to lust over the big Snell years ago so these made me a happy camper and they sound very good.
Acoustat ESL panels. They throw a well big soundstage. You can pickup various models for $500-1000 used. If you're willing to drive a state or two, your can probably find one for sale. Most owners won't ship them, hench the need for a pickup truck. You'll also need a tube amp to drive them, IMO. Tubes deal better with the wacky impedance curves and the reactive load they present.
Also the Mirage M1 and M3 models come up for sale sometimes. Sound is very big and very good. Sound best in big room.

Thanks everybody. I really appriciate all the suggestions.

Rich, just one more. If you want a big sound that will fill your house, buy a used large Apogee. The Duetta sells for around $1500 and is easily powered by a 150watt or higher amp. These great ol' ribbons bring home the real event.