Big question tube phono pre amp or tube pre amp w/phono?

In search of a used tube phono stage under 2k or a used tube pre with great phono stage and DAC built in under 5k. I need it to be a balanced design. If we go phono only it will have to go through my Marantz 8802 as the 2ch is in my theater also. Which I'm sure is a bad thing I'm assuming? I guess I could add both but hoping for just one more piece. I listen to Alt rock and I listen loud! Non fatiguing is far more important than transparency. Also on the list of needs is an all in one ripper streamer storage unit so USB output would be great as well. The budget could go to 10k for an all in one tube super unicorn that does it all. Ayon possibly?

I'm patient so it's not necessary for it to be available now. 

I currently have a Bryston BP26 w/phono card that I used previously in dedicated 2ch rig. It worked well but I want to add tubes to the equation to warm things up a bit. I live in BFE with the nearest nearest city (Salt Lake) 3 hours away so not much opportunity to audition things.

The current rig; Legacy Focus 20/20s, Legacy LF extreme, Revel 208c, Revel c763l, Bryston 14bst, Proceed 5 ch, Marantz 8802, VPI prime, NAD blue-ray/CD, Furman 20. I see a mains speaker upgrade in my future as well. Lol!  

Thank you in advance for your time and input.
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Do you have to have the DAC built-in? That's really going to limit the field...

I've looked at the Rogue stuff and it would do the job well just not the prettiest gear out there. Aesthetics are certainly not an important factor but a factor none the less.

Internal DAC is not a must.