since I cant hear the difference in I.C,but want something that look impressive.can you guy recomend some cheap$,but good looking I.C( fat)..thanks
you could always run your old IC's through a short length of garden hose.

that would be phat!
Better yet run them through 3" firedept waterhose. Now thats impressive, and in case of a fire your very well equipt.
Sort of like buying a four cylinder Ford and then changing the badge on it to read "SHELBY COBRA" ...
Hope that you roll fat "doobies" to go along with your fat cables :-)
get some black corrugated-slotted wire loom (from the auto supply) & slip it over the cables. Various diameters/lengths are available (1/2", 3/4, 1, etc) but if you really want to do it up then find that 2" diameter bright orange loom typically used for routing fibre optic network cables within buildings. Then you can show her how size matters.