Big Difference Between Goldmund SRP2.3 & 27.3?

I am looking a upgrade my preamp which is my weakest link at the moment and was recently introduced to the Goldmund. They were described to be dynamic, open, fast and transparent and all these adjectives fit my preferences.

I am particularly interested in the Mimesis 27.3 but the price is out of my reach. I was wondering if the SRP2.3 would retain some(or most) of the sonic characteristics with some trade-offs. I am interested to know the what I will be missing going from the higher-end 27.3 to the SRP2.3.

Thanks in advance.
The pricier one has more body to the sound, but the less expensive one retains the same Goldmund signature sound - clean, transparent, almost pretty tone.

If you liked Goldmund sound, I would suggest you to demo digital/active speaker versions. You should try: (1) Goldmund SRP8 + Logos Active Speakers (2) Meridian DSP speakers (they have built-in pre+power) (3) Halcro MC20 Digital Power. They are all superb products and provide you with precisely the qualities that you look for: crystal clear, transparent sound. You could hear a pin drop in live recording at low volume level, which is the real forte of digital technology.

For your info, I have Goldmund mimesis 30 digital preamp set up and I thoroughly enjoy it. It is pricier than SRP 8 but not too different in sound quality -- again, its sound is a bit more full bodied than that of SRP 8. If you like Goldmund, I strongly urge you to demo digital.
Thanks for your response in reviving the thread, and sorry for the mispelling. The SRP 2.3 was one of line stages in my shortlist and it's good to hear that it has a clean and transparent tone since that are the characteristics that I'm looking for. On digital/active systems, I don't think I'll do any major revamps at the moment as I'm pretty much settled for the time being apart from the preamp.

I believe your setup must be awesome since you own the high-end Mimesis 30. That unit is totally out of my league.
I demoed today Conrad Johnson Art Pre. Sigh... Heavely sound. It was connected to Edge 12.1 Power. Never heard anything quite like it. Way better the the best of Goldmund. Delicate, charming, crystal-clear, and never fatiguing. I heard best of Goldmund, Lamm, Halcro, Gryphon, Burmester, FM Accoustics, you name it, but this combi was the very best. I personally think Goldmund makes some excellent products, but for the price, you have lots of fantastic options. Happy listening!
The srp2.3 is great for the price and its sound has almost the same sonic taste than the bigger 27.3.
The 27 will open more the music with some more control and dynamics. Of course, if you like these items you should use goldmund amps also because they match their speed and neutrality like no other and fully respect the quality of these preamps.Good luck.