BIG CAT's on BIG Wilsons

Anyone experience any of the larger CAT amps, like JL3 Signatures on Wilsons, i.e. Maxx2's, etc? What was it like?

Particularly concerned about having a musical experience, especially at the top end.

BTW, how is CAT's customer service. It seems to be strange they do not have a website yet and have heard mixed things. Anyone care to share the experience? Is the sound good enough to foregoe these issues????

if you have the money to spend on a cat-wilson combo, take half of that money and buy music, and with whats left, buy a great hi end stereo system. i apologize for being so blunt, but you would have gotten more opinions if you said you were going to 'burn' the money.
I have Wilson X-2's and run Lamm ML 2.1's.

A very close friend and neighbor of mine will be hosting Ken Stevens (owner of CAT) this weekend. Ken is bringing his JL-3's to my friends house (he has Rockport Hyperion). Ken has expressed an interest to hear my system and I am hoping they will shlepp the JL-3's to my house. If so, full report to follow.
Wow, how exciting to have Ken stop by for a visit. As an owner of the JL-3's, I would be greatly honored.

Joe Kubala was here last month and the incredible sound from the Soundlab A1s as we changed each of my cables (pretty much unchanged NBS & MIT for 5 years) to a Kubala-Sosna Emotion was incredible. These are not inexpensive, but when we were all done, the dynamics and resoluton, thanks much to the amps, was simply breathtaking. So meeting Joe was quite an honor as would be the case with Ken.

Herer, it sounds like we might get some insight to the Cat/Wilson sound from Oneobgyn's listening sessions.

The only problem with Ken is that you can't shut him up. He loves to talk.
Oneobgyn & Jafox

Excellent development - keep us informed of what you find out. My guess is they will be spectacular with the X2's.

The amazing thing to me is that the Lamm ML 2.1 at 18 wpc drives the X-2's with plenty of head room. They are the most musical amp that I have ever owned