big Bryston 14b pwr amp

anyone heard this monster of a amp?
I stopped by my dealers over the weekend to look at the used
gear. They told me it was in - but I forgot to take a look, it did sound like a monster.
I've heard the 7B-ST mono amps, and the 14B is simply two of the 7B-ST's on one chassis. The 7B-ST monoblocks are "Class A" rated by Stereophile, and they're a superb pair of amps. I can't imagine that the 14B-ST is going to be anything but excellent.
I owned a pair of 7B. They were very good indeed.;...and also heavy as S.... I'd HATE to try and move two of 'em at the same time. BTW, my only quibble w/ Bryston was the cheesy speaker binding posts. For that kind of cash (and warranty), they could have done better....
Great amps..VERY cheezy binding posts. In fact, cosmetics aside, I believe this is the steal of an amp