Big Brother Watching over Us (again)

Oh, Oh! Somebody stepped on a protected vendor again. 
Darn it I missed the names too which is why I am bent a little.

If the moderators just published a list of those vendors
everyone would know who to avoid talking poorly
about. Okay Mods we are waiting.

Publish or perish.
I’ve not seen where mods have played favorites….not absolutely certain it doesn’t happen…but haven’t seen it personally.

You may be seeing removal for other reasons (outright slander, etc.)…but suspect those removals are often driven by other posters.

I think they run this forum pretty “hands off” and give people too many chances,to be honest. I wish they were a bit MORE punative.

if you have a beef…put it here…stick to facts and avoid slander…and I’ll bet it stays.

Just my experience.
I've explained many times how Jungson not only refused to honor their warranty but actually used me to help them learn about their defects and then having taken advantage abandoned me. Must have told this story half a dozen times at least by now. Service that bad I will bring it up every chance I get. So far as I can recall none have ever been removed. Probably because I do stick to the facts. No name calling, just a bad product and warranty not honored. Quite a lot of bad review type posts boil down to little more than innuendo. Kind of like the way the OP is pure innuendo, little more than implied insult with nothing to back it up.  

What vendor? What discussion??
The removed topic was posted in today's email from Agon.
The title asked people to list Vendors who were known to 
be problematic. This was apparently way over the line for
Known to be problematic?

I question the term problematic? What constitutes a problem?

I think I know where this is going. 

As long as there is a money back guarantee on a product or "AS IS" in the description posted. What could be problematic? Money is either exchanged for a product received or not..

I've never seen endorsements from AG only adds.

WHO needs to be protected? Using a product or not is still up to the individual, just like brands of shoes, cars, underwear, and women/men.

It's one thing to promote a product because YOU or I used it. BUT to tell people actively NOT to purchase something "BECAUSE" you don't think it works.. Fuse and cable threads seem to always go that direction..

22 cent for sure..

Some common sense on the part of AGon, obviously.

For effective free speech to prevail there are some pragmatic issues to be addressed.  I can imagine that nearly every vendor at one point or another has had at least one disgruntled customer.

Should every such vendor be named and shamed things would become so dilute and unfocused as to become meaningless.  There is a much better and well known publication for that kind of trial by social media.
Your point has validity but I prefer to have all sides
presented and then make my own decisions.
Sooner or later everyone ends up on someone’s angry/bad list.

Problem being we are much much much more likely to rant about problems than we are to rant about the good side of things.

IE, most of your life is fine right now, but no.. we’re concentrating on the much smaller percentage that is not right. we are alive, we breathe, we continue, we eat, we move around, etc. Yet we rant and whine. Human nature.

The idea of having a list of the companies, or people, that are tricky to deal with or once were a problem to deal with ...will, via the fundamentals of human nature, eventually encompass every single atom in this universe and any other possible or speculated dimension.

So it’s a bit of a useless negative minded endeavor to even try.

It is the folly, the bain, the fundamental error of the negative proofer - the folly of the negative proofing mindset.

Where, when times get tough or a bit more tricky to navigate, the negative proofing mindset ..... doubles down on it’s projections of violence to all outside of it. Until, finally the peaks of it... it flails about and kills all things it finds strange, or different, that might be it’s path. Repairing the given outer world projection through violent attrition.