Big Below 15k used that can play loud as heck

I moved into a way larger room, roughly 20x24 and the 802D’s just ain’t cutting the mustard. Looking for good options that can pound out bass in a large room with 500-1000 high end watts (pass or levinson etc)

Currently running 2 JL Fathom F113’s so it’s not low bass, it’s a speaker that can pump concert level music playing rap, hip hop, reggae, rock and classical/audiophile stuff  etc. but I need my rig to blast rap and hiphop impressively more than anything. 


You might want to consider preparing the room first.

Big, heavy rug on a heavy felt mat will make the room feel acoustically may not need to go as big in the speakers.

Get rid of all the hard reflective things and replace them with softer diffused things. 

Get creative with the room and even stand mounts will sound bigger.



I got you covered. Just come on by, pay me, and have your furniture movers bring it to you.


For $15K you would get a pair of one-off Super Reds most probably made by The Mastering Labs. These are 15.5 cubic feet with the Altec 604E2 and Utah auxilliary woofer.

As I said, these are custom in walnut and triamped with a one-off electronic crossover, again, probably from The Mastering Labs, and one-off passive eq units, probably from The Mastering Labs, to go between the amp and the horns. All drivers look and play like new and when the JBL group met here, everyone said these were the best sounding 604s anyone had ever heard. I got them from a recording studio in Southern California that went out of business.

But wait..., there’s more!

The system includes a Marantz 1180DC integrated that serves as the preamp and powers the horns, and two Marantz 170DC power amps. One of the power amps was recapped with Mundorfs. All three pieces were recently serviced and all repairs made.


And to top it all off, it includes a Marantz 2130 tuner with the scope that works fine. I’ll even throw in the rack and Philips 212. You will not find another system like this anywhere in the world!

I don't doubt that the Bose 901's will make your ears bleed, but not from high sound pressure levels.🙃