Big beautilful tube amp

I love nice looking gear and willing to sacrafice a bit on the sound quality.Can anyone recomend a BIG(70lbs+) single ended with alot of tubes in the open so i can see the glow at night.I am thinking about the BAT vk-60,but not sure if it would do well with my uno horn.keep it under 3k on the used market.thanks
Atma-Sphere Novacron 60Watt monoblocks in L/R mirrored pairs. Rare and retro sexy on A-gon for 4K. OTL design and sound. They have more models to choose from as well.

Pic does not do it justice! Silver retro hammer paint chassis with chrome.
Cary V12i or V12R. Stereo version is in your budget and has 12 EL-34 (or KT-88, 6l6, 6550, etc.), 2 EL-84 (BH7 for V12R) and 2 6922 tubes. Looks great in the dark. 50 watts triode/100 watts UL. A nice sounding tube amp.
there is AR D-250 for sale here on audiogon.
If you could squeeze another 500.00 and go to 3500.00 I cant think of anything more stunning than an Art Audio Jota.
VTL Deluxe300 mono blocks. Smooth warm Ecellent soundstage layering ect, not the absolute last word in clean sound but they will not disapoint and will light up the room at night and heat it up as well. Nice amps. really
Will control any difficult load as well and drive the $%^& out of it.

Sound even better than they look...... and you'll pay for it, but it is worth it!
I'll second Velo62's recommendation of Art Audio. Their Symphony and Diavolo in polished stainless steel, (looks like chrome), look great at night plus they have an antique crystal that lights up a pretty blue for each channel. As a bonus, they sound great and Joe Fratus, owner, is a great man.

i will second the V-12r recommendation. that 'jaguar carnival' red is down right sexy and seductive. enjoy a gander at Cary's sight and/or check out a-gon's classifieds. hfisher took some lovely shots of his V-12 that do the piece more justice than Cary's commercial sight. also, doubt you'll be thinking you've taken a hit in the sound department.

I second Cary or ARC
Weird criteria for chosing an amp!
There are some tubes that light up quite brightly with a white rather than orange glow. I think they are 845s(?) - someone help me out here. I don't know if there are any amps that use lots of these, I did see an ART audio amp that used 2 per side (I think it was a Carissa, not sure), and it looked stunning. Maybe more than you want to spend, but there mustbe some inexpensive Chinese amps that use these tubes.

I also second the Atma-Sphere Novacrons - fabulous looking. Also the M60 owuld fit your requirements, but you should have efficient and high impedance 8ohm or more) speakers. MA1a would be great, but used around 4000 - 5000$.
Older VAC 30/30 or 70/70. Beautiful array of 300B's Nice Brass vintage VAC
Medallion, great sound.
Look at the Art Audio Carissa. With 845 tubes, all chrome finish, optional chimneys, blue LED's that project an etherial outline of the chimneys onto the ceiling and outboard legs its definitely quite the show. May be a bit pricier than your stated limit.
Looks like most of those that responded didn't read your original post. More than half of the recommendations are NOT single ended tube amps. Pay attention people........