Big Bands of Today.

Hi not too many big bands are now, but want to mention I do enjoy a lot the following:
Microscoopic Septet;
Carla Bley big band;
Sun Ra;
Roy Hargrove big band.

Most of them post-bop and/or free jazz.

Please chip in with your recommendations
Vanguard Jazz Orchestra...Keeping the long time tradition of the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra alive Monday night at the Village Vanguard.The band became a focus for Bob Brookmeyer's writing and now has a life of it's own.
Maria Schneider! The new reincarnation of the Gil Evans Orchestra.The Mingus dynasty,now an ad hoc "ghost" band with lots of fire and imagination.
Gordon Goodwin big phat band.A bit more mainstream and prone to excessive energy and high cardio workout.
Just a few mentioned here and I lament the demise of the powerful,imaginative and distinct Toshiko Akiyoshi- Lew Tabackin Big Band that won every Grammy for years.After relocating to New York it Became the Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra,not sure where Lew fit into the frame work of this later band.Not sure if there even IS a version of this band now?
Truth be told...impossible to write,arrange,rehearse and then get gigs for a big band.Not to mention getting everybody together at the same place and same time...Pay? Think labor of love!
Anything less then 12 players would be hard to consider a big band in my estimation to properly execute brass,reeds and rhythm.
It is a dying and almost dead tradition,roadkill,sadly.
Czarivey, have you heard Lavay Smith? Her and the band she sings with are remarkable. She is from the SF area and plays around the country as Lavay Smith and Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers!
Don Scaletta and the Jazz Project Salutes Stan Kenton. Great music, great recording and sonics. Very "first row" in terms of clarity and macrodynamics without becoming overly hot or artificial.
Big Phat Band....not too many albums but alot of great players and performances when they do get together.

Glenn Miller Big Band is being kept alive and still puts on one hell of a show.

NDR (Germany) Big/Swing Band: want to hear what this monster ensemble is capable of, check out "21 Spices" from Trilok Gurtu.

If you don't know Trilok Gurtu, amazing Jazz Fusion drummer from the Far East, I suggest you grab 21 Spices and some other works of his that are more recent and check him out too....

Many others, no means an exhaustive list;

Len Phillips Big Band, Mike Lewis Big Band, Steve King Big Band, Steve Walker's Big Swing Band, Legends of Swing Big Band, Bobby Sanabria and his various ensembles, Bob Mintzer and his crew, Tommy Igoe and the BIrdland BIg Band....and many others!
Heard Bob Mintzer at the San Jose Jazz Fest a couple of years ago ... good stuff. Also, though he left us recently, Gerald Wilson was still producing great music right up 'til the end. I'm listening to his "The Mini Waltz" right now. Wynton's Jazz at Lincoln Center orchestra is more of a large ensemble (vs traditional Big Band), but still quite good; and it's usually well recorded.
Some really good choices already!

Joe Sullivan Big Band out of Canada, has very interesting music.

Another large ensemble that is fun is the Phil Norman Tenet.
I think Mintzer is still with us; either that or someone has not updated Wikipedia and other sites. Truly hope it is the former! I also forgot to mention Phil Kelly and Northwest Prevailing Winds as well as the Santa Ana Winds Big Bands. Great stuff all around!
@Zephyr24069, I wrote that incorrectly as it appears to refer to Mintzer. Gerald Wilson is the one who has passed. My apologies.
Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra .