Big AV Receivers : Digital or Analogue ?

Often a person has to select a purchase for their audio system that requires they choose either digital, or analogue. Items such as cables, footers, isolators, ect ... Obviuosly AV receivers are both digital, AND analogue.
So here is the question :

If you have a big 200x7 AV Receiver, do you consider it a digital, or analogue piece of gear ?
So, why is it necessary to consider it either one or the other? I don't.


Parts are digital and parts are analogue.

Its not an all or nothing proposition.
Is there a point to your question?

Are you trying to figure out which outlet to plug it into on an A/V power strip?

Are you trying to decide whether to go with analog interconnects and component video cables vs. HDMI?

Thank for your repsones guys. To give you just one example : When making up VH Audio's Flavor power cords, you must select which Flavor to make up dependingh on wether the cord is intended for a digital or analogue piece of gear ;-)
If you're using the receiver's built-in amplifiers, then I would get an analog power cord, particularly one oriented toward power amplifiers. If you're using it as a preamp/DAC only, then I *might& use a digital-optimized cord.

Actually, if I were to have such a receiver in the first place, I'd probably use a PS Audio xStream Prelude and not worry about it.