BIDPAY- any alternatives to PAYPAL?

Bidpay is closing. Are there any alternatives for international payment other than PAYPAL? Any reasons why I should not accept paypal from overseas buyers?
Gee,I always thought bidpay was for scammers. I don't take paypal from overseas buyers;because I wouldn't send a component,overseas. As sellers,we can make our own rules.---If nobody in this country wants it it must be over priced,or something.
I've accepted paypal from international buyers and have had no problems. I first took care to evaluate the buyer's credentials (ie feedback) and get comfortable they were legit.
Considering the fact that some of you guys are trying to broom the paypal fees on your buyers makes this ironic.....
Try They don't seem to be quite the "artists" that Paypal is. Straighforward, and you get ALL OF YOUR OWN MONEY
not doled out to you monthly as with Paypal, which is pure BS.