Biasing Emission Labs 320B-XLS, again

Only got 15 views and no replies so thought I'd try one more time in case the one person who knows didn't catch it the first time.

Does anyone know what VDC these should be biased to? They replaced my AVVT 302B's which asked for 18-20VDC and considering the EML320B-XLS's are a drop in replacement, I was wondering if the bias would be set in the same range. Unfortunately JACMusic, from whence they came, is close for renovations or the like until the 22nd and are not available to answer my question.

On a slightly side note... When I took out the AVVT 302b's they were biased properly in the 18-20VDC range but when I put in the EML 320B-XLS's the bias reading was in the 30's VDC! Could this be a result of the AVVT tubes starting to wear out?
I had noticed that the AVVT bias reading was dropping in between checks and I had the screws at almost the max by the time I got the new Emission Labs tubes.

BTW, I highly recommend the Emission Labs tubes. Great quality, great matching and fantastic sound.

If anyone looks at this for the info, Jac of JACMusic says 21vDC is appropriate.