Bias setting question

I noticed that when setting the bias in a McIntosh MC2000 towards the lower end of the suggested "setting-field" the tubes are running much cooler which might be a good thing in respect of longevity. What else do I buy with this lower setting? Output power? Sound? After all: I am still in the suggested bias range!
Thanks for any help!
As bias is reduced, so is gain and linearity. So long as you've got plenty of gain available and you can't hear a difference, there is nothing wrong with what you want to do. The upside to this would obviously be less thermal stress on the components, so life-span should be improved. Sean

In very general terms & IMHO, from my 20+ yrs as a tube-a-holic, what you MAY hear in terms of sonic differences (all system & tube dependent, of course) when you lower the manufacturer recommended bias from any tube amp is :

- lessening or tightening the impact of the mid-bass
- slight decrease in deep bass.
- lessening of mid-range (vocals) fowardness
- focus and imaging may improve, but at the expense of a hardening in the mid-range as you go lower in the bias.
- soundstage may deepen as bias lowers.

In some systems, lowering the bias may improve the overall sound. Again, your "mileage may vary" and is contingent on your system match-up and tube types/brands.

Happy Listenin'