Bias setting for Rowland M1s Bridged.

I just went through a process where I learned first hand the importance of proper bias adjustment, and the impact on the sound it can have. I had noticed that one of my Rowland M1s was running very hot. With Mr. Rowland's guidance I decided to go ahead and adjust both units to his recommended bias settings. I now have all four channels set within 1 or 2mv of 30mv. And yes - the top unit is now running cooler. But that is not the biggest surprise. When I hooked things back up I immediately was struck by a significant increase in micro detail and transparency. It was a breathtaking change! So much so that my son (he is a musician) who almost never really comments on the sound of my system stood up and said "Doesn't that sound awesome!". When I think about it I should not be too surprised I guess - given that these are being run as a bridged mono pair, the two channels in each amp have to be in sync as they are strapped together producing twice the voltage and current as they normally would. If the bias settings are different (and they were by 10mv or more) the two channels will end up fighting each other to some extent. Anyway, I am one happy audiophile right now.