Bias on Koetsus

I was advised by the U.K. inporter to use no bias on
Koetsus and that the cantilever is off-set to allow for
this. Sugano apparently did not beleive in using any
form of compensation. Certainly the cantilevers I have seen appear not to be perfectly central to the body of
the cartridge when viewed front on. Any thoughts ?
My Walker turntable has no anti skate and I adjust the tonearm by centering it over the platter where it doesn’t favor any direction. This is done using a blob of fun tack on the counterweight that’s equal to the weight of the Koetsu.

When my Koetsu was in the Graham arm, I used VERY little anti skate. About one fourth of what‘s considered correct.

These settings were based on what allowed the Koetsu to perform at it’s best. Considering I use no bias in one set up and nearly none in the other, perhaps your information is correct.

As always, turntable- arm -cartridges are mechanical and are extremely sensitive to every adjustment. It’s critical to experiment with each setting.

There are countless posts on this topic here at Audiogon and most are in line with my findings. You might read through some of them if it interests you.
Without a proper Test Record I was taught this is how one should set the anti-skate on the cartridge/tonearm on a turntable:
Play a LP with either solo vocal or piano, preferably a mono recording and rest the stylue towards the end of the LP. Listen for any crackling, breaking-up noise that would suggest the cartridge is mis-tracking. If this happens, try increase the anti-skating and see (hear) it would happen again playing the same track. You might have to increase tracking force if symptoms persist. In most circumstances this should work okay, i.e. when no crakling happens you are more or less on the right setting. Sit back and enjoy!
Please notice that this is a on-the-spot quick-fix. Like Albertporter had mentioned, this can be a very complicated issue altogether and you are well advised to read more about it from other sources.
No cartridge, even from the same model and same brand would perform identically. The specs. are there as a guideline... oh, sorry, I just remember that the Koetsus come with no specs. at all!!
Thank you Albertporter and Tora for your responses.
I shall go through the postings as you suggest.
Must be something wrong with your Koetsu sample. All Koetsu cantilever is absolutely straight from factory, and they do require proper anti-skating.

I have experienced that after setting anti-skate that was 0.2g too low, the cantilever was slanted, and I have to retip ahead of the rated life. Very expensive mistake.

It could also caused by that particular Koetsu was older and thus a 'weaker' suspension?
Thanks Extreme phono for your useful comments. I am
using SME 309 with my Koetsus and wonder what bias to dial in. Using a test record does not seem to produce the best sound. Both of my cartridges are old- an
original Onyx and a more recent red K sig. It is quite
likely the suspensions have become weak but the diamonds are still (according to Expert Stylus Company who inspected them recently) servicable..