Bias instructions Mastersound Compact 845

Used to have them, but.....never loan the original copy out. Lesson learned.
At any rate, there's a definite difference in volume between L and R channels. Going to swap out tubes, but I need to bias new tubes, and don't remember the bias setting. Anybody know? Think it was 15V, but uncertain. Any help would be appreciated. Mastersound's owner's manual doesn't tell you anything other than "don't change tubes with power on" and things like "don't stick your tongue in the tube socket" and other worthless stuff.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello afc,

I am the US distributor for MastersounD and can confirm the 15 volt bias for the 845 tube. If you need any more assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thanks to both of you. Much appreciated. Nice to know of the US distributor. May be in touch to move to the 845 or Evolution 845 amp.