Bias Instruction for Jadis Defy 7 MK-ii


I have just purchased a Jadis Defy 7 and would like to know how to set the bias this amp. I understand the bottom plate needs too be removed to access the bias points, but I am uncertain of the exact locations to place the probes and the value I should be shooting for. Any current or prior owners of the Defy 7 would be appreciated if they can chime in. Thanks
I don't know who told you that--unless Jadis changed the setup recently--the Defy 7 like all Jadis Amps are self biasing. the only time you will have to remove the cover is to change out the pesky 180R green resistors that will pop when you have a dicky Tube.

The Defy is not a self bias amp. I don't know who told you that, Des. I've had 2 of them. They are very easy to bias. Send me a pm and I'll send you a picture of how to do it.
I too need to rebias my defy 7 and yes, it is not self-biasing
Brooks Berdan In CA my friends....
I've had a few people contact me how to bias this amp. Here is a great article of how it's done and some pictures I took. It's very simple.