Bias for Jolida 502 P Amplifier

Just got my new Jolida 502 P yesterday and I'm enjoying it a lot - great sound! (Thanks Wolf and Jedinite for your posts re the Jolida amps) I'm surprised at the amount of bass and slam I'm getting with my Magneplanar 1.7's In fact I'm thinking that for a lot of music I probably won't even turn on my HSU sub.

On setting the bias - how important are small variations? When I got the amp I checked with my multimeter and the amp was set at about 560 mv for all tubes. Moved the bias back to 500 mv per the manual but I'm not sure if it really matters all that much for these small changes? How critical is this?
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another important thing to remember is that the bias of a tube amp takes 30-45 minutes to settle down after switching it on. During that initial period the tube bias voltage is all over the map so you shouldn't even bother measuring it until it settles down. Hopefully you already knew this & you were measuring after atleast 45 mins....

I used to own a Jolida 502A some time back but I have forgotten what the bias voltages for the output tubes were supposed to be.