bias anti-skate setting for lp12/ekos/arkiv

the tracking is set for 1.7. what should the anti-skate be set to?
As has been alluded to on previous threads and other sites, the indexed anti-skate on the Ekos (and probably most other arms as well) cannot be relied upon as accurate. Get a HFNRR test record and adjust the bias accordingly. That's the best way that I'm aware of. Good luck, and happy listening!
The LP12 anti-skate is calibrated so it should be set at the same as the tracking. 1.7gm means anti-skate should be 1.7. This generally works. You may also want to independently check it by ear, or by other methods. Check a recent Audiogon thread under "analog".
do not be afraid to experiment with antiskate settings as much as 50% higher than tracking force.