Biamping with BAT vk200 and vk60?

Anybody has done that? How?
I have vk30 and Tyler Linbrook SS (one piece).
I wonder if it would bring positive sides of both amps.
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No take yet?

vk30 has two main oututs -- XLR and RCA. May I use both of them at the same time? I am thinking of connecting XLRs to vk60 and RCAs to vk200. And let vk60 drive the tweeter and vk200 drive the woofer/midrange.
Would it be OK, or would it potentially damage the gears?
I would be interested in the answer to this myself.Just from thinking about it you are going to be carrying a full signal on each output so the only thing stopping a full signal from getting thru would be the crossovers in your speakers. I don't know if that extra signal might bleed thru and affect things or not and to some extent it depends on your speakers.
My understanding is that the gain of the rca output is different from the gain of the XLR output. If this is the case, then you will have different output levels. Best is to consult BAT. Good luck.
Sure, thanks.
I won't try it until I get a response from BAT.
You can do something like that, but with a caveat.

In some cases systems "thrown together" like that will sound acceptable or even right, but you can't count on that.

The problem is potential gain differences. Yes, you can connect two amps to two preamp outputs, that's not the issue. But most likely they will have different gains. While the VK-200-s gain is rather predictable 26dB, the gain of the tube amps will depend on your choice of output taps and your load resistance. You can have pretty broad range of values depending upon your configuration.

All that means that if you got lucky by simply putting everything together - pop a cork, otherwise, you will need some means of gain adjustment... this is something the crossover box normally does for you. Without it you would need to make or purchase an adjustable attenuator.


Victor Khomenko

Many thanks.
I see that the vk60's gain is also 26dB. I will try it anyway with new power tube sets and see what happens.