biamping with 75 watt solid state and 18 watt tube amp.klipsch rp600m...t

trying to get some decent sound out of kliosch rp600m...biamping with 75 watt solid state and 18 watt tube
What are you going to use to split the frequencies?

EDIT: Are you using an AVR for your SS power? 
"...can anyone out there help me figure out what am i to expect..."

I'm still not sure what you are trying to do but you are not going to be happy. Despite their claim of efficiency the Klipsch loudspeakers need a little power to sound best. Bi-amping with cheap amps will not get you there. You will want a smooth SS amp or a 25 plus watt all tube amp. I'm thinking you may not have enough budget to tame those loudspeakers for anything other than just background music. 
75watt and 18watt amps will have different gains.  How are you going to adjust for that?
biamping 400 dollar a pair speakers with tubes and solid state - haha

suggestion - for better sound, get better speakers!!  

have fun!
"...suggestion - for better sound, get better speakers!!..."

The bookshelf Klipsch with a nice Musical Fidelity integrated would be a nice little system. 
Get amps with a pair of balls. 
 18 watts? Really? That’s like baseball with a whiffle bat. 
 18 watts, 75 watts,..........this is your problem!

"Get amps with a pair of balls.
18 watts? Really? That’s like baseball with a whiffle bat.
18 watts, 75 watts,..........this is your problem! "

the OP is using a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers and they have a sensitivity of 96 a amp with 75 wpc is more than enough.

so this is not his problem.....his problem is something else.

OP needs to check their email.

"...the OP is using a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers and they have a sensitivity of 96 a amp with 75 wpc is more than enough..."

Except Klipsch efficiency ratings are a bit optimistic and it's a 38 wpc amp into 8 ohms (maybe).  
lets start with the specifics of what you already own.

IMO, It is very close to absurd for Klipsch to provide for biamping on these speakers. It must be for someone who is in love with a very low powered tube amp, i.e. 2, 3 wpc, 8 wpc.

18 wpc is actually enough for those speakers, up to a certain volume level. If you wanted more volume, you should have larger speakers.

More bass: Another option is to go first to a self-powered sub-woofer, then back to your amp, let your tube amp and main speakers deal only with upper bass, mids, highs.

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You find the Klipsch sonically competitive with Omega speakers? Many would interpret this as high praise. Omegas are noted particularly for purity of tone and coherence. Do the Klipsch compare favorably in this regard?

I know that you have a tube amplifier (Line Magnetic I believe) have you used it paired with your Klipsch? There seem to be two opposing opinions of Klipsch expessed frequently on this forum.
1. Too bright, edgy and forward, i.e.ear fatiguing.
2 Very good lively and engaging/ involving sound quality especially if used with a good tube amplifier.
"...This speakers are very good if you match them correctly..."

Yes they are, they should respond nicely to good gear. I have a pair of Heresy IIIs running off of a chip amp and while it's amazing that it plays as well as it does with the cheap amp, they are way better with decent gear. Same with my RFs. 
klipsch is now a brand that tries to be all things to all people, for better or worse, spanning huge price ranges $15000/pr $430/pr

we should clarify what the heck we are talking about i think... i have a set of 600’s in my garage, they are darn good for the $, but let’s get real ok?
How are you matching the gain of each amp to have same spl output ? buying something cheap for level is a big loss in fidelity .
parts quality needs to be first rate resistive network 
processor based lacks a lot especially the $200 specials .
When you change powers and gains between the highs and lows you are messing with the factory balance of the speaker tailored sound if you will so the results will be mixed at best.
Charles honestly I ordered the Klipsch just for fun , then return them, I got also curious to hear what wave guide does Darko and  Steve G got me so curious. As you know I do have the Omega 3i and the Omega rs8 both very good speakers musically speaking.The answer to your question, no edginess at all on my set up, because I do use Teo game changer ic, this tame them, probably my audio research tube preamp tame them too, Iam using Plinius SA 100 , power cord is VD nite, In terms of tone and purity with the right match I would say the Klipsch are way too close , coherence the Omega are way better, single drivers at good at this, On my system they are a bit forward not on your face, I set them a bit toe out, your numbe2 statement are all true.I love this speakers effortless to listen.I will hooked them on my viva 300 b when I get Biwire Speaker Cable, I also think they were benefited from double Biwire black II Tellurium Speaker Cables.On my system they play classical at ease, any music you throw at them they do it right at least for my taste.They are keepers.
Those jumpers that came with Klipsch will not do them justice to do their best. I would strongly recommend Biwire at least.
Thank you for your reply and additional detail. It seems that the Klipsch can be an exceptionally good sounding speaker when paired with properly chosen components and cables. I suspect It will sound truly captivating and engaging matched with your  Viva 300b amplifier.