Biamping with 5 channel home theater amp


I'm a newbie and was wondering if I could split the signal from a preamp and connect it to 4 channels of a 5 channel amp to drive a pair of martin logans. Is this safe to do and advisable, or should I just look for 2 separate amps?
Will not be a problem if you have two sets of outs on your pre.
Splitting the signal might degrade somewhat but no operational/safety concerns exist doing that.
As Eldarado said, 2 sets of outs on the pre IS better.
If, by chance, you have a Sunfire Cinema Grand, it's very easy to do using just a single pre-amp output, as explained here...

That's precisely what I did for driving ML Aerius i's... worked great (however, I've since moved up to ML Summits).
Many preamps with 2 sets of outputs are simply single outputs with an internal Y connector. In any case, it is just fine as long as the input impedance of the power amps is high enough.