biamping Usher BE-20's

I was thinking of biamping my Usher BE-20's. My Audio Research 210's would drive the mids/tweets and maybe one of the class D amps for the bass. I'm thinking Wired4sound, Bel Canto 1000's or??? The 210's are rated at 27db gain so I figure if I can get a bass amp/s with the same gain it should work good? I can always get the Endler attenuators if needed for the bass amps. Any suggestions/opinions about how this might work and sound? I'm a little concerned about the 540hz bass/mid xover point on the 20's - 540 seems kinda high to me.
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In the Class D domain, Bel Canto Ref 1000 might give you a little warmer bass. . . JRDG 501 might yield slightly tighter bass driver control. Wired4Sound I have not tried, so won't comment on it.
thanks, I'll check out the 501's.
Funny you posted this topic...was thinking about similar solution (JRDG) for my Dali Helicon 300.

Another audiophile emailed me regarding BC REF 1000 paired with the Helicon 300.
Gudio wouldn't the JR 201 be another option?
I'm thinking the Wyred 4 sound 1000's should work nicely too.
Researched Wyred 4 sound 1000 with Emerald Physics compression drivers.

Good amp.
Lapierre, JRDG 201 are based on 500ASP modules and not on 1000ASP modules. . . they have half the power of the 501s. . . I would not use them to drive bass region of large speakers. Guido
The be-20s are probably the only speakers I’ve owned that I never considered bi amping. I had a pair of salons and wished for a refined tweeter so I bought the salon 2’s and missed the dynamics of the original because the 2’s were sucking my amp dry. I bought the be-20’s and got the best of both. There’s an after market xover that probably would make a bigger difference than a second amp. The floor spikes with these speakers make a notable difference.
My Audio Research 210's would drive the mids/tweets and maybe one of the class D amps for the bass.
Great way to do it, Class-D's are good at bass, just make sure it has more gain than the AR, and an input level control on it so you can level match it to at AR, if not just get a cheap passive volume control for it. like the $49 Schiit Sys.

Cheers George