Biamping towers with tube/SS combo--am I nuts?

Hi all,

I have a pair of Triangle towers with seperate binding posts for the mid/tweets and the woofers. I've been thinking about getting a modest tube integrated with a preamp out to run the top half of each speaker, and running the signal to a SS amp for the woofers (preferably a SS amp with level controls to ensure better balance).

Sounds great in theory (tube mellowness on top, SS grip on the bottom), but what I'm wondering is, does this open up all kind of phase/time delay weirdness problems as a result of using the two different amps? I'm sure this gets complicated on a technical level which I may or may not be able to grasp :)

Any feedback appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff
My only thought is does it matter if the gain of the two amps is different, does it matter?
Do you have control over the gain or sensitivity of the two amps? Otherwise i would think it would work very well.

Don't forget about the input impedance.
I have been bi-amping my Kef Reference Series 3-2 for several years. I use a Conrad-Johnson Premier 11 tube amp for the "highs" and a C-J MF2250 SS unit for the "Bass". I have been very pleased with this set up. Only draw back is dual interconnects from my C-J Premier 17LS and dual sets of speaker cable ($expensive$). Yes it does work, and work smoothness and detail in the high range and the SS slam for the bass end. I would stay in the same family of amps, if possible, and contact the mfg. for recommendations. Gain and impedance, as well as output wattage of each amp can become an issue. This is why I stayed within the C-J family. Good Luck!
Gain matching is the problem, I say too. You may have to have a tech adjust the output level of one of the amps.

The experiment is probably worth a try, IMHO... unless it takes money you could use for simply upgrading your amp. One great amp will outperform two ordinary ones, I discover.
Bi amped systems are among the best and worst I have heard.
Here is a good general source:

And one approach to the gain problem:

not that much different than matching drivers with a pad.

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Wow, thanks for all the very helpful responses. Tobias, point taken about two lesser amps vs. one superior one. Clueless, thanks for the links--I've got some reading to do. I may not be able to implement this for a while, but when I do I'll post results.