Biamping thoughts and opinions

Hi everyone,
You guys have always steered me in the right direction, so i am writing to ask for your opinions in my current setup.. Either i am a nut,or i just do not have it anymore! I use the consonance cyber 800 monos . tube bohemoths that were modde by rhb dezigns. i was using this as my main power, i have dodd battery preamp, delicious! i use a raysonic cd128 tube cd. my speaker are the ascendo c7 from germany.. I have just loved the tube sound, the sweetness that these amps give me as well as the 'open air delicacy'.. the speed and accuracy as well as the attention to the smallest note detail.. up until now, i was fairly content.. even had my amps up for sale , because , although , i have had very high end equipment in the past, including, arc reference series amps and pres, as well as vtl monos, i have downshifited as they say, due to more pressing financial issues that come along with life.
My system now is wonderful, but , i just purchased a old heathkit aa 1640 , solid state amp..This thing is huge, powerful, older, but for the price, unbelievable in my sysytem. I decided to try a test and use the heathkit for the bottom end and the cybres for mids and highs. Not expecting too much as the amp is very inexpensive, but great looking [looks like a 5k amplifier easily]. i set this up last nigh.. evne using a y connector to hook up my sub as well. sat down and shut the lights waiting to hear no difference........ Walla!!! is it possible? can a cheap amp and a decent tube mono system make that much of a difference. ? is it my ears? even my wife could not beleive the difference.. The clarity and the soundstage was huge, open, wonderfully detailed with the smallest inuendoes able to be hgeard.. my mouth was open and i could not close it.. No xovers, no special cables, and wow....
i then went and hooked everything back the original way, and immediatley heard or missed, that special [email protected]!!!!!!!!

Is this possible??? or am i just hoping to hear the differences? Again, my wife and kids heard the dramatic differences immediatlely..
I did no matching of impedences or anything, just took a chance for the little money involved and am avsolutely blown away!!
any input would be very much appreciated
thanks for reading my book report!!
You also probably did not match the gain of the 2 amps so you probably have more output from the Heath whichmight give you a sound which is initially more impressive but in the long run with a lot of different music will not do it for you. I have always found bi-amp initially interesting but always go back to a good single amp
I run 8 watt tubes on the top and 200 watt solid state on the bottom. The best of both worlds as far as I'm concerned!. You should as Ahendler stated above, match the gain of the 2 amps.
I am able to adjust the gain on the heathkit. so i do my best to match them up.. i listened for 3 hours last night, a mix of , norah jones, paul mccartny and bon jovi, really , very surprised and i think i may have hit that magic nirvana everyone speaks of! thanks again
I also own the Cyber 800s I think they are incredibly good. Not just for the money either. I have often wondered how much a powerful SS amp for the bass on my speakers would sound. I guess you just answered that question.
i feel that the cybers really do not get the respect they sdeserve. I had a freind over who brought his vtl mb450 over to listen, and could not believe how close my cybers were to his amps. then we connected his vtls with the heathkit and worked wonderfully as well without any gain matching at all. All in All, great decision!! enjoy your cybers