Biamping question.

i have vtl mb125 mono blocks, they are great amps, i was thionking about biamping, i am looking at a pair of vtl deluxe 120 to go with the mb125.. any ideas on how this combo might work? i have ascendo c7 speakers, sound amazing and i am thinking that biamping with close matching power might kick it up a few notches. Any input is greatly appreciated
I don't know if you can do this with vtl but I own bat and instead of biamping for me I can get two more bat amps and double my power turning my 600 watt mono blocks into 1200 watt mono blocks. As I understand it not all amps can do this, depends on there circuitry but that is one thing I like about bat. The path don't end with that purchase, it can easily be expanded. I've done biamping before and it is ok and can help but it can also cause timing issues. It is recommended to do it with identical amps. Also depends on what speakers you have as to if they would even benefit from a biamp. You would get much better results from double the current than biamp.
wow, i never knew that. is it easy to do?i really appreciate the info.
I think Beerdraft is referring to "STRAPPING" amps. I'm not sure how it works or how to hook things up or what amps it can be done with. This practice is not mentioned too often, but it would be cool to have a whole stack of monos if you really need the power. I think some of the Pass Labs amps are "strappable". I've also seen 2CH amps that can be run in "bridged mono" or "parallel mono" mode. What is this ? Does anyone know more ?
yes, please ,someone tell us what to do@!!!!
Not all amps can do this. Even amps that can simply go from Stereo to Mono may not be able to go to another mono amp to double the power yet again. BAT is one of the amps that can do this. Geoff Poor explained it to me but this was on the phone and he lost me. Go to the BAT contact page maybe and email them a question. Don't really know what to call it but Its not bridging with bat. I read a review that explained it now that I think about it, I will try to look it up again. If you plan to keep vtl you need to ask them if there amps can do this. I'm just not sure.
Bi-amping? You could start here: Benefits of Bi-Amping (Not Quite Magic, But Close) - Part 1
I've practically always found Rod Elliot's stuff to be interesting reads.
Thanks to all of you. i have learned alot!!, no wonder audiogon is the supreme!!