Biamping question...

I am considering biamping my Paradigm Studio speakers. I have 2 rooms, one with Studio 60 v.2 and one with Studio 40 v.3. I want to try biamping in one of the rooms (not sure which just yet). I want to get a B&K ST-3140 (140w*3) amp to drive the woofers on each main speaker and then use the 3rd channel to drive my center speaker. I then want to get a B&K ST-140 (70w*2) to drive the tweeters on my main speakers. Will these two amps by B&K sound similar? Will this set up work better for the ST40v.3 or ST60v.2? Will these amps take some of the brightness off of the tweeters? Anybody like B&K amps with Paradigm?
Nor sure how identical they will sound tonally ... but you also have to make sure that they amplify he signal the same amount for any given input, If they do not, you will accentuate one or the other and sound will be louder on one than the other and you will feel they are "bass shy" or whatever when in actuality it is an input sensitivity issue. You may want to consider an external crossover that allows volume matching ...

If you have the Studio CC as your center you can biamp it as well. You could use one ST-3140 for left and let's say woofer on center and the other for right and tweeter on center. So you would need two ST-3140's.

I have the Paradigm Studio 100.2 and wouldn't mind a little more brightness in my system. Not exactly sure what in the path is rolling off the highs but suspect a combo of cable and MF CD player. A good single amp will power the 60's quite nicely if the quality is there. A lot cheaper too. Consider a premium 3 channel amp vs. two lesser quality amps and I'm certain you will be delighted. Also consider the cables you will be using. Can make quite a difference.
I have Studio-60's and a B&K Amp. I haven't bi-amp'd the Paradigm's, but I can tell you that they are a very good match. My experience has been that B&K excel in signal amplification, but I've had problems with the pre-amp stuff. So, if you're looking at amplification only, I think you'll be very happy with B&K. They are very musical.