Biamping Classe CAP-100 with CA-150. Good Idea?

I have a CAP-100 and have 2 good offers on the CA-100(black) and CA-150(silver). Most probably I'll get the CA-150 since it has 50W more power on tap and looks better in silver colour.

My question is whether will it sound better in biamping? So far most of my audiophile mates told me that getting a high-end preamp like the CP-60 will be much better than running biamp configuration and only 1 guy recommended going with this biamping as it will sound better. Although I can afford the CP-35 but heard it's not worthwhile going for this low-end preamp.

Speakers are B&W CDM 1NT and source Sony XA7ES.

Any advice?

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Sorry to have bothered you.

I'm confused about your question but I'm curious because I too have a CAP-100.

How do you plan to bi-amp with 1 integrated and 1 power amp?

I've often thought about using my CAP-100 as a separate.