Biamping Alon II mk II ?

I recently acquired a pair of Acarian Alon II speakers. The manual makes reference to the possibility of bi-amping instead of bi-wiring but provides no details. This interests me (since I have an unused amp) but I have never done it before.

Connecting the amps to the speakers is no problem. Preamp to amps is trickier; do I need some kind of splitter? Also, my Modulus 3A has two sets of main out jacks, one of which is currently unused. Can I run two interconnects, one to each amp? And what sort of electrical compatibility is necessary for good sound? The amps in question are Transcendent Sound monoblocks (150 wpc, which I would use for bass) and Golden Tube SE-40 (which I would use for mid/high).

Thanks for any help!
You do not need a splitter. The Audible Illusions has outputs for 2 amps...just run a set of ics to one output and a set on the other,,your in business.
I tried something similar with my alon II mkI,same set up:
was using meitner monoblocks for low end and audioprism debut tube amp for mid/high.
the sound seemed great at first,very dynamic with deep bass but after a while I noticed the sound spectrum was not in sync meaning it did not sound natural,bass was not coherent with mids/highs which is due to compatibility and sensitivity of the amps;would have needed an electronic crossover to make it right.
now sold the meitners and I am using two audioprism debut amps,one per speaker perfect balance,bass and warm fluffy midrange from tubes.the alon really do enjoy the extra current but balance is important.
happy listening,Thierry.
Asterix i want to bi-amp my Merlin TSM with 2 VAC 35/35 Triode Amps..How are you doing yours? Passive or Verticle? i mean how do you set-up 1 amp per speaker?I was just going to use 1 amp for highs and 1 amp for lows is this the way to go?

passive versus active set up
vertical versus horizontal set up of amps.

I am using a Y connector at the preamp level down to the amps and two biwirable superflatline speaker cables.

from one amp coming out from the left channel side of amp connectors + and - I have the speaker cable going into the mids/highs + and - of speaker connectors.

then speaker cable coming from the right channel side of same amp terminals inserts into the + and - lows(bass) of speakers terminals.

now same drill for the other amp and speaker.

of course you need a bi-ampable speaker and I believe from all the readings I've done,my audiodealer and friends feedbacks that the best would be to use them in a vertical set up for a more uniform balance of the sound spectrum and power demand on both amps.(lows require more power)
the best in biamping if one can afford it seems is to have an electronic crossover to separate the signals bass/mid,highs prior getting into power amp then there would not be any signal corruption from amp to speaker.
and the crown jewel would be to have a speaker with no crossover at all as in an active set up,it also does increase the signal by 3 to 5db from what I've read because of no crossover filtration.
but passive for me works good enough as long as the crossovers in the speakers are of very good quality.
so let me know how things sounds,hopefully you understand my writing as I am french still struggling somewhat with the english grammar.
Aloha from hawaii! Thierry.
Thanks Asterix i will passively bi-amp my system.Just as long as it sounds good....Will try it this week-end...
let me know what works for you.
i think i will horizontaly bi-amp first then try verticaly if horiz. sounds bad...Will gret back to you next week...
good luck!I don't think you'll notice a big difference but I could be wrong,with horizontal set up one amp will work a lot harder than the other and in doing so will be straining more and since I want to make mine last a long time that's my preferred way.let me know your results.