Need help! I'm trying to use stereo subs. I'm using a Sumo Polaris amp and Sumo Delilah crossover for the subs. The crossovers low freq out has L+/L-, R+/R-, and for a mono sub has M+/M-. I've hooked the amp inputs to the low freq out L+ and R+. I'm only getting sound from the right side. I've tried all other combinations with the same result. Any suggestions?
Have you done the normal "process of elimination" to verify exactly what is not working i.e. swapped interconnects between channels, changed speaker cables, swapped subs from channel to channel, etc... This will tell you where signal is able to flow and where it isn't. From there, it is a matter of replacing / repairing what isn't working properly. Sean
Yes I've tried everything.The manual says "since the Delilah (crossover)has bass outputs for a single mono subwoofer OR two stereo subwoofers, and bridging circuits at EACH bass output; it can bridge stereo amplifiers at any of these outputs for dedicated subwoofer amplification. At your option, however, a high powered stereo amplifier can be used without bridging for stereo subwoofer applications, providing it has at least 200 watts of continous power per channel"
Mind you, there is no bridging switch. What I don't understand is that the only way I get sound out of both woofers is to use the mono outputs on the crossover.
Maybe I should just leave it this way.
Sounds like the Delilah crossover may have some internal adjustments. Have you ever popped the lid off of it and taken a look ? Sean
I am in need of a manual for the Sumo Delilah crossover and Sumo Samson Subwoofer. I am trying to conect two Samson subwoofer to the Delilah crossover with two Carver Silver Seven-t mono block amplifiers. Has anyone a ideal were i might find manuals?

I know it is late to ask this question....I want to know if you ever found the manual? I am also looking for one