Biamp with Bryston BP-60

i have a bryston bp60 integrated, and i was wondering how would i biamp using this unit?
is there a jumper splitter so i can send a signal to a separate power amp?

thanks for any advice.
Sorry if this is too late but I only read your post today.

I have the Bryston B-60 integrated passively bi-amped with an older Bryston 2B-LP with very good results.

I essentially made my own amp to pre-amp jumper/interconnect using Eichmann Silver Bullets and Venhaus Audio's Cotton insulated .9999 pure silver wire. You can do it with any quality rca plugs and wire. Essentially, the pre-amp out rca has 2 sets of wires connected to it. One set is the pre-amp to amp jumper and the other is the interconnect going to my 2B-LP. If you are not too confident about soldering it yourself then bring to any audio repair place and get them to do it.

I hope this helps. Good listening to you.