Biamp with 2 X 75 or 1 channel of 150?

I'm setting up a home theater system (my first). I have a Sonus Faber Solo center channel and a Classe CAV-75 6 channel amp rated at 75 wpc. I was planning on bridging the CAV-75 for 3 X 150 for center and surrounds. My question is this, since the Solo is biampable, is it better to biamp with (2) 75 wpc amp modules or (1) 150wpc amp (bridged)? Does it matter at all or is it meaningless?
By all means bi-amp the center as long as the SF center is truly bi-ampable and bridge the surrounds as they aren't so critical.

I am thinking of purchasing a Classe CAV 75. What are your opinions on it? How does it sound? Tell me everything you can think of.