Biamp w/2 Bryston4BST s or 1 14BSTw/B W?

I currently have the B&W Nautilus 803's with hopes on getting N802's in the future. Anyway, I'm uprgrading to better amps (Bryston) and wondered if it would be better to buy 2 Bryston 4BST's (total of 250W x 4) and biamp them (possibly vertically) or would it be more beneficial to just run a single Bryston 14BST (500W x 2) or 2 7BST's (same thing)? It is theoretically the same amount of power just distributed differently. Any thought?

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Mcoker, I have owned my B & W N802's for about a year. I have had various amps in my home as demo units. I am currently running Krell FPB 200c to them. That amp does a respectable job, but is not enough in the long run. I considered the Bryston 4b ST's and a pair of 7b ST's. I emailed Bryston and they told me that the 7b ST's betters the 4b ST's in more ways that just power. They present a better sound stage and are definitely better than running two 4b ST's bridged mono. They concurred that you give up sound quality when you bridge the 4b ST's even though you get more power. Having tried several amps with the 802's I believe the more power the better. My goal is to eventually biamp the 802's using the Krell FPB 200c for the highs and a FPB 300c for the lows.