Biamp or not

I have a Krell KAV 1500(300w x5), and two Proceed HPA 2's(250w x2). Would it be better to use one of the two Proceeds for the front speakers(HT and Stereo), or (since I have an extra amp), use the Krell to biamp the front speakers, power the center channel, and use the Proceed for the rears.
Also, any suggestions on how to biamp the front speakers would be appreciated. By the way, I have Aerial's for the speakers.Thanks.
It depends if your speakers are built to bi-amp (separate binding posts for the woofer and tweeter). If not, then you will have to do some serious modifications to the speaker and crossover. Also, it is better if your pre-amp has more then one set of output jacks.

Here is a link to a diagram that might help.
I am familiar with both of these amps and less familiar with your Aerial's but IMHO I would power the highs and mids of your fronts with the Proceed HPA2 and the bottom end with two channels from the KAV amp. To my ears, the Proceed is more musical than the KAV amp and Krells always do the bass well.