Biamp: Is one Krell KSA 200s better than 2 KSA 50s

I've got a ksa 200s and a ksa 50s. The 200s is a monster and sounds awesome - the ksa 50s is a lot smaller but sounds awesome too. Right now I use the ksa 200s as my main amp, and the 50s is sort of neglected. I am wondering if I got rid of the 200s and picked up another 50s to use one 50s for each speaker if it would sound "better" (I know that's totally subjective, but I'm curious what people who know more than I do think). Are two ksa 50s's better than one ksa 200s? My 200s cost me more than two 50s, so I'm also wondering if maybe it's a way to say a little money. Thanks in advance for any input.
I do not have the answer you seek, but would love to hear your comparison of the two amps...are there any noticeable sonic differences? Is the power dramatically different? I would buy your KSA 50 should you decide to keep it idle, I have heard good things and though feel like 50 watts is light, I think it's ultimately irrelevant isn't it?