biamp ? I have a krell 300il for pre and 250a amp

I will be using them for magnepan 3As and want to use the 250A for the base panel and the 300il for tweeter.
Will this work ok? I heard of a timing issue if the amps are not matched up. They are both Krell but the 300il is 200wpc and the 250A is 250wpc. will the timing of the sound leaving the amps and reaching the speakers be so different that this will be noticable or make distortion.
No problem, it should work fine. Just make sure the gain of each amp is roughly the same, which it probably is, seeing as how they are both krell.
Timing from leaving amp to speaker is not an issue.
What sort of active crossover are you using?
I will be using the magnepan MG IIIA crossovers that come with. They explain right on top of the crossovers to do base panel through the crossover and then go direct from other amp to the tweeter.