Bi wiring with separate cables

I have mono blocks with two outputs
two positive and two negative for each amp
does it make sense, assuming you believe bi-wiring makes a difference, to use both outputs on each amp and two separate speaker cables , one for the high frequencies and one for the low instead of bi-wires?
Many believe the only true bi-wire is to use separate cables, and to run them separated by at least a few inches.
Assuming that you believe bi-wiring makes a difference, yes, it does make sense to try using external bi-wiring, since your components offer that option.

One example that says it is "OK" and preferable if done right:

LFD Hybrid Speaker Cable

From Dr. Bews the maker of the fine LFD amplifiers comes this novel and superior speaker wire.

To quote from the website:

" ... LFD Grainfree biwire is a biwire cable only, since it uses different conductors for bass and tweeter, i.e. multi-strand Grainfree copper for bass and solid core Grainfree conductor for tweeter. This is the most popular LFD loudspeaker cable since it has a full bass with a warm mid and controlled top.

This cable is very good and the Signature version uses a Grainfree silver conductor instead of copper for the tweeter conductor.

The Signature version is reference standard regarding sound quality despite being relatively cheap. The Grainfree biwire cables are VERY good choice for solid-state equipment ..."

Extracted fom the Gene Rubin website:

" ... This cable uses PC-OCC multi strand and LC-OFC ribbon that is relatively expensive and labor cost is high (it’s a pain to make), but it’s the only way the makers have found to make a really good sounding single wired speaker cable.

LFD have been trying to manufacture this super single wired speaker cable from copper for nearly 10 years. The LC-OFC ribbon gives the very good bass and the PC-OCC multi strand gives a nice mid-band/top, either cable made as a single wired speaker cable have issues at the top end or the bass. It might be a mad idea, but it works!..."

If you are located in Tucson and would like to listen to some new speaker cable and noise reduction technology, PM me. I'm using Spatial Audio Quantum speaker cables along with their Velocity Bridge device with outstanding results.
Years ago I could only afford bulk cable, so in looking for ever elusive
improvement. I ran a Naim A5/Linn K20 combo and got good results,
independently they seemed lacking. The Naim delivered good bass but
was lacking on the highs and the Linn has a smoother midrange and was
better on the highs. I ran them shotgun and to experiment and confirm what
my ears told me, I would switch them at the speaker and hear a distinct
degrading level of performance.
I think beyond the benefits of separate cables, that dis-similar wires can
sometimes bring better results, but chasing combinations could drive you