Bi-wiring with NHT 3.3

I'm looking to upgrade speaker cable this year. Was thinking about buying bi-wire. Has anyone compared regular wire vs. bi-wire on NHT 3.3's? Don't know if it's relevant, but I'm using an Audio Research VT100 MKII amp.
Yeah, with those speakers, it's a teensy weensy bit better with bi-wire, as they like the bi-wire for some reason (some don't). Iv'e tried em both way's, and the bi-wire works. Actually, on those speakers, the hot ticket is "bi-amping"!!! If you could get a good solid state amp with tremendous bass control and extension, with volume controls (like the Parasound affordable amps) to balance the sound output with your VT100, you'd be in hog heaven!!! You'd have those 12" woofers slapping, and the top end singing! Those speakers are the absolute best types for "biamping"! Anyway, the dynamics, even at low volumes, would be sooooo much stronger and more dynamically transparent! The speakers would dissapear a whole lot easier as well...just a thought.
Good Luck