bi-wiring speakers

I've seen references to bi-wiring speakers. What does this mean ?
My only question is how do you connect the four cables to your two channel amp when biwiring?
Good question, although I did cover it in my initial posting. Maybe I wasn't entirely clear. The 4 wires are solder-connected down to 2 spades on one end for use with any 2 channel amp. Now you have two wires attached to your left amp channel through one spade and likewise for your right channel.
I understand your point but am interested in your position on feeding the twweter/midrange with one amp and the woofer section with a second amp. I presume this is what is called "bi-amping." However, what do I need to look out for with respect to total wattage to the speakers? If it's rated at max 200 (B&W 640's) does that mean I should not exceed 100 watts per channel for the mid/tweeter and likewise for the bass or 200wpc for each? Yes, I'm a rookie! Thanks