Bi-Wiring receiver to speakers?

My Yamaha DSP-A1 seems to lose bass when connected to bi-wire capable Monitor Audio speakers. I once had a Denon 3200 reciever with proper bi- wire terminals. It delivered much more bass than the Yamaha. The Yamaha is a much better amp so can anyone help me here? Thanks, Martin Butler
You are hearing the detail rather than the bass hump. Anytime you bi-wire you are allowing the crossover to work more efficiently. This is usually perceived as less "boom" and more "bloom".
Thanks Sej2112, I think you may be right, but I am still not clear as to why the Denon with bi-wire speaker outs had more bass when compared to itself without bi-wiring but the Yamaha seems to have less bass when compared to itself with bi-wiring. Thanks, Martin