Bi Wiring mandated on Triangle Comete ES?

Hello, I know bi-wiring is a hot topic here . Please tread lightly as I am not very proficient in audio tech "speak"
Here is my dillema:
I was given a pair of 20+ year old Triangle Comete ES speakers , they have the (4) bi wire connectors .
Trying to hook up to my new Cocktail audio X30 system using single wire ( Straight Wire brand, simple don't judge me here) .
Problem is when I hook to the top ALL I get is treble and when I hook to the bottom ALL I get is bass.
So is it possible that these speakers were designed that Bi wiring is mandated for them to work?  Rather than buy new Bi-Wire cables would it be less expensive to try jumpers?  (Nordost perhaps?) 
Any advise is appreciated. For now everything just sounds like shite ....... 

You can start off with almost any wire you have of reasonable thickness that will fit with the cables just to get those speakers up and running. After that, you can try higher end jumpers, but make sure anything you buy comes with a money back guarantee as you may not notice any difference.
Agree with others to use speaker wire as jumpers. If you like the sound, you're done. Fwiw, my last three sets of speakers (Monitor Audio, Vandersteen, Vandersteen) have all sounded better bi-wired than jumpered. As always, YMMV...

I’ve been using unterminated AudioQuest Type 4 with the white vinyl outer cover in a bi-wire configuration with my seven Triangle Comete ES’ in my HT system. The Comete’s came with jumper plates which I used for a month before I had the AudioQuest in place.
I agree tomcarr. There are many factors that could prevent from hearing noticeable difference. It simply may have been their breaking in but I found the Comete’s to sound more cohesive, like a single point source when bi-wired. They’re such an amazingly underrated little speaker I’m not about to second guess the designer and not bi-wire.
I see AudioQuest has wrapped their Type 4 with a woven outer and a slightly higher cost.
In my seven foot apart triangle two channel system I found the Comete’s imaged best with the toe-in aimed somwhere between 1’-1 1/2’ feet from my ears, in my room.
Hello All

thanks for helping me out here and adding to my limited knowledge base :-) I went with local (MA) company Pinetree Audio and got 2 sets spade/spade  jumpers with 12AWG for under $60! they arrived next day ,
hooked up and now the speakers sound great! 
Very please with this solution and kudos to Pinetree Audio