Bi wiring Harbeth Super HL5's

I have a new pair of Harbeth Super HL5 speakers and haven't tried the biwiring option that this speaker offers. Has anyone tried this with these speakers and what was your opinion of the sound?
I owned these speakers for 2+ years and tried the biwiring option once and heard no difference. I will add that the biwire cable was a different brand so the comparision may not of been very valid. BTW the SHL5's are some of the most enjoyable listening speakers on the market. Put the music on an enjoy. I also found when I upgraded my CDP, amp, preamp & cables the Harbeths would always improve. Even though the SHL5's will sound great with a moderate ss amp don't hesitate in trying 150 - 250 watt ss amp.
The Harbeth's do not sound as good when you bi-wire them. The posts were there for marketing reasons. Go over to the Harbeth User Group and read Alan Shaw's comments on this. All of his new speakers have single binding posts. I have owned the SHL5 and the Monitor 40 and there is no benefit to bi-wiring them.

Good Luck!
I agree with the post above, the SHL5 sounds best using a single wire with good jumpers. Biwiring makes them sound uncoherent. I wish someday they will remove the bi-wiring connections @ the back of the SHL5s.