bi-wiring center speaker

My center speaker is bi-wireable and I have a stereo amp dedicated for it. I planed to bi-wire the center speaker by hooking up one channel from the amp to the woofer connection on the speaker and the other channel to the tweeter connection of the speaker. My concern is that now each of the amp's channels will see a different load and as I vaguely remember reading somewhere that this is not healthy to the amp. Can somebody help confirming if this is an ok thing to do or not?
You won't have ANY problem doing that other than you'll have to split the signal to both inputs of the amp. This is not a big deal IF your processor has two outputs for center ( as some processors do ). Otherwise, you'll have to use a "T" or "Y" connector and use two seperate cables, one for each channel.

One thing that i would check first is to call the manufacturer to see if you can safely BI-AMP this speaker, as that is really what you are trying to do. Bi-wiring would be using two seperate runs of wire to feed the top and bottom section of the speaker, but they would be connected to the same amp channel. In effect, you would be passively bi-amping this speaker in a "vertical" configuration.

While some speakers may have dual binding posts for the highs and lows, they are still connected internally. As such, you could do damage to the amp by connecting the two channels together inside the speaker. Make some phone calls or emails and then proceed from there. Better to be safe than sorry. Sean
My side channel speakers may be bi wired or bi amped. They are the new B&W Nautilus in wall series.

I plan to solder jumper wires across the INPUTS of the two stereo amps that power the side channels.

I should have two identical input signals from a single RCA cable, producing the same material from both channels of each amp.

Sean is correct that some speakers are connected internally. In the case of the new B&W's, the jumper is apparent, and is simply removed by loosening the binding posts and slipping it out.

Either way, his suggestion about safely hooking this up should be followed, even if your speakers are configured as mine are.
Sean and Albert,
Thanks for your inputs. My center speaker is Paradigm CC-150 and I was finally able to dig out the manual for it to verify that the speaker, in deed, is bi-amppable.

Thanks again,
Been doing this for 5 years MR 9 mk2 into an Aerial cc3 with a Y connector.-- Nobody died;--YET !