I would like to bi-wire my Electro-Voice Patrician 800's. I need some help with this. I have no schematic for the cross-0vers. Thanks John
Dear"wired"- Them puppy's come with running boards? I heard maybe the originals at a hi fi shop in the mid 50's Mono as in pre stereo;but awesome,and huge!I can't help you for this item.I do know it is all in the design of the cross over.Some mighty expensive speakers don't have bi wire as an option.And they have ther reasons. Maybe go to speaker MFG's web sight get some phone#s Look in Stereophile; when they do a review on a brand of speakers they also post phone#s I have talked to designers of products I own.All have been overly pleasant.Hope you get wired
Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated.These were made in 1964. Some changes from the 50's which started with the 18" base speaker. Thes have the 30" base speaker Jphn
You might post your question on the "High Efficiency Speaker" forum at Someone there may be able to help.