Bi-Wired Speaker Cable

I am looking for a bi-wired speaker cable for my center channel in my HT system. I don't want to spend more tha $300. any suggestions. I am using a Sileverline CC.

Way less than $300 per 6-foot PAIR and excellent value for the money.

$10/foot - incredible giant slayer
I'm in the Anticable camp with Jack43. "Giant slayer" is right on the mark.
The key to a theater system correctly painting an image and cohesive placement of where sounds comes from is dead perfect matches of speaker tonal ranges and speed. The front and center should be done with the same exact wire. You can have the same speakers and the wire can change the tone. Save yourself a bunch of money on equipment if you can't see doing right by wire. Same for different center/front speakers, it defeats the purpose.
Thanks for the comments.
Aintitgr8, I am using the same center channel speaker as my fronts, Silverline. I usethe the Audioquest Volcano on my fronts, bi-wired. I was trying to get off cheap my using another inexpensive but good cable. I may bite the bullet and get the Audioquests for the Center.
I have been a "die hard" biwire speaker cable user for years when speakers are biwireable, but some recent experience changed my opinion.

If money is no option I still am all for it, but that is generally not the case. Many times the biwire version of a cable costs much more than the single run version. When this is the case, I would purchase the best single run version you can afford and use jumpers.