Bi-wired cables with Kef LS50 speakers

I've just bought KEF Ls 50 speakers. They have two binding posts, and the Analysis Plus cables I have now (and would like to keep) are bi-wired. Should I used one set of cables and leave the other one hanging? Or should I combine the sets, attaching the two + and the two - spades to their respective binding post? If you had experience with this kind of problem, thank you for letting me know.  Carrard
When I had that problem I combined the two! 
I agree with yogiboy's suggestions and that might sound the best.
You could also use one pair as you stated but wrap electricians tape on the two unused spades or bananas to prevent them from touching and shorting out.
I have used the monoprice brand adapters and they are surprisingly well made and you can save a few bucks.­s­_...